PARK(ing) Day 2009

PARK Day 2009 is Friday, September 18th.

Originally created by San Francisco art and design collective Rebar, PARK Day is an annual, one-day, global event where artists, activists, and citizens collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spots into “PARK” spaces: temporary public parks.

Anyone can participate in PARK (ing) Day, though it is strictly a non-commercial project, intended to promote creativity, civic engagement, critical thinking, unscripted social interactions, generosity and play.

Last year PARK day was introduced to Philadelphia with over thirty groups of activists, artists, architects, and other citizens transforming parking spaces into temporary public parks throughout the city.

Interested in contributing to another successful PARK (ing) Day? Contact Pamela H. Zimmerman at to get involved.

Read more about PARK (ing) Day here, and click here for images of PARK Days past.

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